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From December 10 to December 11, IBA Group attended the AgTech and Green Energy Forum that took place in Baku, Azerbaijan. At the event, IBA delivered a presentation entitled How to Improve Soil Sampling with AgronomX and had a number of meetings with potential customers

Cloud, Mobile, Social, Artificial Intelligent Systems, RPA, Distributed Systems and Big Data are driving the most effective evolution in the decision-making process, customer experience and business strategy.

Seemingly, the major limitation for businesses wishing to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by these new marketplaces is the ability to define a strong overall business strategy and understanding of what and how to procure — which is relevant to the capabilities emerging from an ever-deepening specialisation of skills.

In response, outsourcing continues to grow, with major organizations becoming completely dependent on the effective and predictable service delivery of third-party partners and vendors. As this shift continues, from cost to value, companies are finding huge benefit from nearshore destinations, where there is a wealth of expertise in areas such as IT & engineering, with the added benefits of a close cultural connectivity.

The AgTech and Green Energy Forum

AgTech and Green Energy Forum is an international forum on agrarian technologies and green energy. It is co-organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Energy of Azerbaijan. The main goal of the AgTech and Green Energy Forum is to ensure the innovative development of the energy and agricultural sectors in Azerbaijan, strengthen links between various innovative companies and startups, and establish sustainable business models.

AgronomX is a proprietary product of IBA Group designed to manage crop production. Based on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the system collects the information about the field’s current state via sensors, weather stations, smart devices, and satellites.

When farmers have insufficient information about their fields, they are not able to address challenges and threats efficiently and may lose a part of the crops. AgronomX gathers the information in one place and enables the farmers to take a quantum leap in controlling threats, reducing costs, and minimizing crop losses during crop cultivation and storage.

This year, experts from ten countries attended the event.

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