In October 2008, IBA Group adopted a consistent CSR program. The IBA CSR program says that in its daily operations the company is guided by the principles of ethical behavior, transparency, respect for the rule of law and international norms, and respect for human rights.


  • Free medical care at the corporate medical aid station and periodic health examination
  • Discounted recreation/fitness center membership
  • Discounted treatment and boarding at recreation institutions
  • Discounted voluntary health insurance
  • Free vaccination against flu
  • Social allowances to mark person’s important events (marriage, child birth, maternity leave or death of close relatives).
  • Discounted summer camp vouchers for the IBA employees’ children
  • Sports (sport circles, in–company, city and country championships)
  • Tourism (walking tours, camping trips, tourist festivals and excursions)
  • Corporate celebrations (company anniversaries and employee birthdays)
  • Interest-free loans
  • Business cars.

IBA employees receive training at IBA Institute (former IBA Training Center) and training centers of world IT leaders, including IBM (US, Germany, Great Britain, Slovenia, and Russia), HP, SAP, SAS, Microsoft, Novell, Check Point, PTC, and 1C.

IBA Institute offers classes in IT, business, and foreign (English, German, French, and Chinese) languages. As IBA Institute has a Thompson Prometric–authorized testing center, our employees are able to take certification tests in different programs, including about 70 in the IT area (Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, Oracle, SAP, Symantec, and IBM). Roughly, 25% of IBA employees have received training at the educational centers of global IT providers.

IBA Group is dedicated to developing, rewarding, and promoting top talent. In addition to salaries, bonuses, and trainings at leading IT companies, IBA has an electronic Honor Board and publicizes clients’ letters of thanks to individual employees in its intranet. Being a company of varying age groups, IBA conducted a restructuring that resulted in the appointment of more young talented people to leading positions.

Through the bulletin board, IBA employees raised money for children who needed to go abroad for operations, collected signatures to protest against the killing of homeless dogs and cats by local authorities, and found families for abandoned puppies and kittens.

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